Biography And Success Story Of Ifiok Nkem: Co-Founder Of SnapiLABS

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Biography And Success Story Of Ifiok Nkem: Co-Founder Of SnapiLABS

The start of a journey to any destination doesn’t always mean you will get there. But it also means you may end up somewhere else surprising and many times more valuable. Many individuals have started their careers or businesses in one area, and ended up in another, with a few becoming immensely successful in it.

This article talks about one such individual who was originally trained and poised to practice medicine but ended up shocking friends and family and sending them into a frenzy when he decided to change his focus to the tech space, and in the process ended up proving to himself that he was cut out for immense greatness, while surprising everyone around him with the level of success he has attained.

His name is Ifiok Nkem and he’s the co-founder of a multi-million dollar tech firm based in Nigeria and serving over 40,000 customers in the world called SnapiLABS.

Here’s how he and his team did it:


The Early Years And Education Of Ifiok Nkem

Ifiok Nkem was born and raised in Rivers State, Nigeria on the xx day of (month), 19xx. After his primary and secondary school education, he studied medicine & Surgery at the University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State Nigeria.

While studying medicine, he had always been a visionary looking for ways to provide solutions that would someday be able to change the world and greatly impact people’s lives, especially those living in countries with a poor socioeconomic status.

In an interview with the Guardian, Ifiok said “I went to university to study medicine because of my passion for saving lives. During my clinical years, I got to discover that the number one risk factor for most chronic illnesses in Nigeria is low socioeconomic status and most of the delays in health care delivery are also linked to this factor. Delay in getting to the hospital, delay in starting treatments, inability to complete treatments, and follow-ups; all linked to low socioeconomic status.” All the more proving his commitment to wanting to save and improve lives.

But how? Or in what industry? Were questions he needed to find answers to.


The Start Of Ifiok’s Journey Into Tech Entrepreneurship

Ifiok was studying medicine in the university because his core dream in life was to save lives. Little did he know that his calling to saving lives wasn’t going to be In the field of medicine but through the development and propagation of technology.

Midway through his medical education, he realised that the number one risk factor for most chronic illnesses in Nigeria is low socioeconomic status.

In an interview with the Punch Newspaper, Ifiok said “I realised that most of the delays in healthcare delivery and high mortality rate are caused by low socio-economic status. People encounter delays in getting to the hospital, even when they eventually do, there’s delay in getting treatment. At the end of the day, when treatment commences, there’s inability to follow up. These, for me, were avoidable circumstances”.

He further went on to say that “The second factor is illiteracy, which is also linked to low socioeconomic status. This particularly led to a massive brain shift for me when I was in 400 Level, and it continued till I was out of the medical profession. The shift was from saving lives to empowering lives to impacting on the society at large. That is why now, I and my company create training and software products that empower businesses and these businesses, in turn, empower other people.”

Recognising that his calling was not to save lives through being a medical doctor but by empowering lives and impacting societies through the use of technology was a wake-up call for him and drove him towards his foray into tech entrepreneurship.


The Start Of SnapiLABS

In the year 20xx, Ifiok wrote down his ideas on how to use technology to improve people’s lives through the development of various technology products that would solve a problem for them and also generate revenues in the process.

After writing down his ideas, Ifiok set out to start his business but with a mere $100 and a laptop computer he borrowed from a friend because he didn’t have one of his own at the time.

Later on, he became a beneficiary of the Tony Elumelu’s $5,000 TEEP grant which contributed immensely to the progress of his business.

With these tools, Ifiok Nkem went on to start building various web applications that solved real-life problems. In the process, he further built a strong team of individuals who shared the same vision and dreams as him, believed in his goals, and decided to follow through on them with him to make them successful.

The success of all the products the built culminated in the creation of the SnapiLABS company. In the new business group, Ifiok and his team set out on a mission to create products that empower people to use technology and innovation to achieve more in their lives, businesses, and communities, and in the process, the web applications now have over 40,000 paying customers in 47 countries and more than $5m in revenue in about 2 years.

Through SnapiLABS, Ifiok has been involved in hundreds of projects and consulted for high net worth individuals, businesses, and corporations including the government of Nigeria and Angola. He has also trained and mentored thousands of people and businesses, and his digital products help them leverage the power of the internet to increase their growth.

A significant part of his progress happened during the pandemic as most people had to go remote, driving up a huge demand for his company’s digital products and services.


Some Of SnapiLABS Successful Products

Some of the successful products that Ifiok’s SnapiLABS has built over the years that have had an immense impact on businesses, individuals, and communities are:

  1. VidJack: This is new proprietary technology legally hijacks & turns any youtube & vimeo video Into a profit-pulling machine by adding interactive elements (CTAs, Email Gates, Share Gates, Reviews, Gamification, eCom Widgets, etc.) that explodes traffic, leads & sales in minutes. With VidJack, any user can sell & receive payments right inside any YouTube or Vimeo video.