New Year Message from the Executive Director

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New Year Message from the Executive Director

Dear African Entrepreneur,

I know that 2021 had a lot it served us, the gains and losses, the beautiful and ugly, the… but guess what? Together we did it and here we are! Just as our slogan says, “If you can ACHIEVE this much alone; how much MORE can we ACHIEVE together”, this has been our driving force and we’re glad to have made it through 2021. It was another year of the global pandemic, filled with uncertainties and challenges, but also opportunities and great strides for productivity on the journey of entrepreneurship.

As we’ve stepped into 2022, I wanted to write this personal note to you to appreciate your unwavering passion for Africa and the A.Y.E Organisation. As you may know, this year has been declared OUR YEAR OF DISCIPLINE AND KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION. We all have goals we want to achieve and you can use the power of self-discipline to achieve those goals. Doing the little things day after day will definitely result in the success you seek and deserve.

We have designed several programs that will help you achieve your goals this year. One of the most important program is THE ENTREPRENEURS ASSEMBLY on Zoom. This is a medium to boost your entrepreneurial immunity while you communicate and network with members across the world. The weekly meeting has now been designed to bring you closer to other members from all over the world, a place where we can now connect real-time with each other weekly, support one another, build partnerships and enjoy investment opportunities. You don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to become better and achieve your goals.

As an Entrepreneur in Africa, beginnings can be scary and uncertain, charged with many decisions to make about your business and several ambitions to fulfil. Take full advantage of our programs this year to fulfil your entrepreneurial ambitions.

I wish you the best as we journey through 2022 together as a big family and the largest African Entrepreneurship network. We are cheering you on and as a family, we’ve got you!

Have the most rewarding year ever.

Joy Smart Francis
Executive Director,
Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E)

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