A.Y.E appoints New National Head for U.S.A chapter

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A.Y.E appoints New National Head for U.S.A chapter

Nancy Taiye Aragbaye has been appointed as A.Y.E. National Head for the United States of America Chapter.

This announcement was made through a press release at our regional office in Lagos, Nigeria.

Nancy Taiye Aragbaye has always been an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Since her youth, history has always been an interest of Nancy’s. Fascinated by how communities and cities grow, Nancy is hyper-focused on developing solutions to transform impoverished communities into thriving environments. As a former educator, she discovered a gap in the education system – a desperate need for formal business & leadership development. In response to these challenges, she launched Strategic Solutions & developed The BLAC Model–a comprehensive strategy for business sustainability. As a seasoned business strategist, she understands that sustainable small businesses serve as a key element to economic mobility.

For more than 10 years Nancy Aragbaye has designed, developed, and implemented new programs and ideas to help businesses succeed. She consults nationally and internationally with MSMEs & Governmental agencies to provide fresh ideas and strategic guidance to obtain their desired outcomes. Nancy is known for her unique perspectives and strategies to help businesses, refocus, re-centre and resume with increased efficiency. Her overall objective is to empower business leaders across Africa & the diaspora to serve as agents of change.

Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs all over the world celebrate with Nancy on this new appointment.

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