Mina Jama – Director of Investments, Innovation and Partnerships

Mina Jama has been appointed as A.Y.E. Director – Investments, Innovation & Partnerships. This announcement was made through a press release at our head office in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mina has over 15 years of experience in Science and Technology, in various leadership and entrepreneurial roles. During this time, she led public-private partnerships and clinical […]

Olubunmi Oluwadare appointed as Director, Strategy and Trade Relations, Africa

Following recent end of tenure of the former National Head of Nigeria Olubunmi Oluwadare, he has been appointed as the Director, Strategy and Trade Relations, Africa. His appointment now covers a continental and global raider where he is expected to formulate strategies for the organization and also foster development trade relationships across Africa nations and […]

Sandra Norbert, newly appointed National Head for Nigeria

The Nigerian Chapter of A.Y.E. has changed authority as the former National Head Olubunmi Oluwadare ends his two term tenure while power was transferred to newly appointed Sandra Norbert who has a B.sc in Business Administration at the prestigious Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma and did her Masters study (M.sc) in Business administration from University of […]