Entrepreneurship Village is first of its kind in the world, the Entrepreneurship Village (E-Village) is a haven for great innovation, creativity, ideas, relaxation, technology and knowledge transfer. In the village everything is strategically designed for entrepreneurship development and for businesses to thrive. With a proposed 24 hours uninterrupted power supply and a high speed internet capacity, the village will be the preferred destination for entrepreneurs in Africa to collaborate and create.

Situated in one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria, the village is devoid of city pollution, traffic congestion, noise pollution and chaotic situations that hinder creativity, innovation and productivity. The village will house flexible Co-working spaces, Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), School of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (SORAI), Mega Minds Audio-Visual Production Studio, Research Cube, Digital Circle, Virtual rooms, E-DEN, E-Village apartments, Commercial office tower amongst others.