Joy Michaels
Joy Michaels

Joy Michael is the Executive Director for Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs. A millionaire at the age of 17 years, she is a Pan African, an Entrepreneur, and a Continent Builder.

She provides a strategic approach to the pursuit and fulfillment of the vision of the Organisation while overseeing the expansion and experiential execution of the A.Y.E programs that are geared towards entrepreneurship empowerment, education, advocacy, awareness, and transformation.

A business administrator with over 20 years of work experience in Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Event Management, Brand Experience, Advertising, Brand Management, Modelling, TV Production, Fund Raising, and Consulting; she brings this extensive wealth of experiences to A.Y.E.

Joy is the Co-founder of Entrepreneurs Trust Fund, the first and largest entrepreneurship cooperative in the world. She oversees the go-to-market strategies that take the ideas from conceptualization and turn them into tangible products easily relatable by the average consumer. She seeks to expand into new markets in the 4th year of operation and to grow the membership exponentially.

She is the production Manager for the Entrepreneurs TV Show, a TV Program hosted by Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs that showcases innovative and exciting entrepreneurs from across Africa on over 10 TV Stations as they pitch their business and ideas for funding, partnership, investments and awareness.

She is the Managing Director of A107 Unisex Salon located ln one of the business districts in Nigeria. The objective of setting up the cross-cultural beauty parlor is to provide the Nigerian youth a place to improve their skills while receiving entrepreneurial training and empowerment in addition to generating a livelihood that caters to their needs and that of their family.

She is the Chief Executive Officer of BTS, a Business Development platform that offers professionals across different sectors who caters to the limitless needs of the fast-growing entrepreneurs in Africa, the opportunity to leverage on her existing platform and network to meet the target audience and offer bespoke enterprise development solutions that cater to their immediate needs.

Joy sits on the board of several companies as a non-executive director and on a few Non-Profit Organisations as an Advisory Board Member. She has a global outlook and believes that Africa is well endowed to meet the needs of the World. Having this belief in view, she continuously invests her time in mentoring and counseling young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to achieving the highest best possible version of themselves.

She is Godly, resourceful, optimistic, resilient, hardworking, intelligent, result-driven, passionate, humble and an achiever who believes that students and the youth between 18 and 35years are the sole drivers of change in today’s world and if they are empowered with the right mindset, information, and resources, the World will definitely be a better place.

She holds a degree in business administration, some professional qualifications, and several certifications from reputable institutes. Her smile can melt a stone and brighten a room. Beautiful in and out, Joy’s core values are embedded in the acronym S.M.I.LE. which means; Simple, Magical, Integrity, Love, and Excellence

Her pride will be to see to the realization of a prosperous Africa through entrepreneurship that ultimately eradicates poverty, hunger, high mortality rate, unemployment & gender inequality. She is a trainer, a passionate speaker, and a great listener who help students and mid-income earners build healthy saving habits that helps them achieve their life goals and financial freedom.