A.Y.E. was founded on the belief that Africa needs more budding entrepreneurs to succeed and favourably compete with the rest of the developed countries.

It is a Non-Profit Organization with millions of members across 20 African countries and considered the largest entrepreneurship network in the world.

Today, A.Y.E. has supported and showcased thousands of new entrepreneurs across Africa, some of whom have received grants to boost their innovative businesses/ideas. Others have received training, access to affordable loans from the organization’s partners, specialized skills training and networking opportunity with A.Y.E. members.

The organization also launched the first entrepreneur’s digital cooperative in the world (Entrepreneurs Trust Fund) where members can access zero interest and no collateral loans while imbibing the saving culture.

With the A.Y.E. Reality TV Show, the organization promotes entrepreneurship literacy, advocacy and business exposure for hundreds of African entrepreneurs, where they are given the opportunity to showcase their business or ideas to possible investors across the globe with a viewership of over 33 million on 6 TV stations across all Anglophone countries.

Since inception, AY.E.O has remained at the forefront of promoting private entrepreneurship, funding innovation and facilitating intra-trade amongst it’s members as a key solution for development. Their objective is to empower budding entrepreneurs across Africa that ultimately creates job opportunities and impacts the GDP of their economies. The organization is dedicated to developing the next generation of outstanding African entrepreneurs who will shape the economic and political landscapes of their home countries.